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A gaming Community of fair, mature gamers. Some competetive, some casual, but all are gamers of Lightning Strike!
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For all new members of LSG-- All new users please read this-
Everyone must go over this- - It includes things that will be more then useful to learn about the website.
Tumblr Page is NOW UP
Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:47 pm by Shadowfire34
I've been working hard on our contact and information sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and …

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 New Users Guide (Must Read)

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PostSubject: New Users Guide (Must Read)   Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:31 pm

***IMPORTANT** For the division tabs in your profile, select the ones you are joining the clan for, they are what allow everyone to see what games you are in for LSG, and whevever we add or remove a game, you have to reselect your games, but we will ALWAYS announce this change whenever we have it.

This guide will start out with the absolutely most important part of this website.
MAKE SURE to go to your profile and edit your preferences, chances are, some default setting are set in a way that you might not like.
To get there, press PROFILE on the top right of all the tabs, then you will see a lot of smaller tabs, the important one is labeled Preferences, it is the second tab. While in there, read over everything and set it to your liking, and please do so at soon as you join.

Now on to the Users Guide. Please take your time in reading over this, do not skip anything as all of this is very important and useful to know.

The first tab in your profile shows your information, you can edit your email, password, and contact information from there.

(read above for 2st tab)

The third tab is where you edit your signature. First find a direct link to a picture, then copy and paste the link to it. ( A direct link is one that has the URL of JUST the picture, no other background or anything else, in Firefox browser, you can just drag a picture into a new tab to get its direct link.) Once you paste the direct link into the signature box, put this around the link


The fourth tab is for an avatar. To set an avatar, you must either save the picture into your computer then upload it, or just post the direct link into the provided area and save it.

The fifth tab is for friends and foes. Go to a users profile, and at the top right of their profile, you will see two buttons, one for friend another for foe. If you feel like you have gotten to know one of the clan members, and feel close enough to be friends, then add them as a friend on here.
But if you feel like someone has been rude to you and you just don't have the best relationship with them, just add them as a foe.

The sixth and final tab is for topics that are being watched. GO TO YOUR PREFERENCES TO EDIT THIS AS SOON AS YOU CAN. The default is for every topic you post under to become watched by you. You will end up receiving an e-mail every time someone posts in a thread you are watching, which can get very annoying very easily, but you can edit each thread personally on when you want to watch it and when you wish to stop watching it.

That is it for your profile. Now on to your Private Messages (PM).

This is very simple and easy to understand. You can go to a users profile and sent them a PM, but to read the PM's you receive, you will need to open the PM tab, from there, you can go over all sent and received messages.

The Members tab is where you can find all registered Lightning Strike members. You can sort them in many ways and look over their profiles.

The Search tab lets you find anything on the forums, just search a word or phrase and see what you find. IF you want more specific results, click advanced search and you will get more queries to search off of.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab is for the most asked questions, please look there for any question you have before asking another member of the clan, changes are, you will get an answer there, if not, it might be answered here in this Users Guide.

The Gallery will have images of preset signatures, avatars and miscellaneous pictures that are free to be used by anyone in Lightning Strike.

The Forum tab is the base of the clan, you will find many things in this tab.
The most important one is the Chat Box. The Chat Box is where you will get to talk to all the Lightning Strike members and many events will be talked over in the chat box.

The forums themselves are the playground of the clan, it is where we join, stay, and leave inside of. If you have anything to talk about, use the forums, if you want to know about the happenings of the clan, use the forums. Everything in the clan focuses on within the forums.

If you have any questions that you need answered and cannot find an answer to them anywhere, please PM NightmareStorm or Mr_Future on this website, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

**Refrain from adding the leaders or moderators on PSN, we need the friend room for members in events, and other friends. We might ask you to add us, if we do, please take the chance. If you sent us a friend request without first asking us, chances are, we will deny it, but please do NOT take it the wrong way, our friends lists are very full, and we need the space for people during important events and our friends, which could easily become you.**


*Please refrain from adding me on PSN.*
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New Users Guide (Must Read)
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